A network of networks developing a national vision
and common voice for the ocean science and technology sector

What is the OSTP?

The Oceans Science and Technology Partnership (OSTP) is a network of networks. It is an independent, federally incorporated, non-profit corporation developed with the support of Canada’s Oceans Action Plan (OAP). The OSTP has been formed to provide a voice for the oceans science and technology community. It is an effective resource to promote and oversee the implementation of a sectoral strategy in the area of oceans science and technology.

The mission of the OSTP is: to capture the links between ocean science researchers and technology innovators; to encourage linkages between regional and national networks, information sharing and awareness building; to encourage and support collaboration to build and commercialize technology; and to present a national voice for the ocean technology community.

Canada’s Oceans Act, passed in 1996, together with Canada’s Oceans Strategy in 2002, established a legislative and policy framework to modernize oceans management.

The Oceans Action Plan responds to the Government of Canada’s commitment to the smart regulation of its oceans and a government-wide approach for sustainable development, founded on four interconnected pillars:

  • International leadership, sovereignty, and security
  • Integrated oceans management for sustainable development
  • Health of the oceans
  • Oceans science and technology

It is within the context of the Oceans Science and Technology pillar that the establishment of an oceans technology network, the OSTP, has been developed. The OAP states that, "This national initiative captures the links between ocean science researchers and technology innovators from government, industry, coastal communities, and regional organizations."

OSTP Networking:

The OSTP partners are national and regional networks that represent small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), government, NGOs, research centres, and academia from across Canada.

The OSTP provides the opportunity to identify innovative oceans science and technology in support of sustainable ocean management and the commercialization of oceans technology.

Benefits to the Canadian Ocean Technology Sector:

The OSTP will facilitate the sharing of oceans information, discoveries, and new technologies, and promote partnerships and business plan development.

Other benefits will include:

  • A strong oceans technology network that encourages national linkages between regional and national networks
  • The development of a national sector identity via the communications strategy and the science and technology directory
  • The creation of "one voice" that represents the oceans science and technology sector
  • A national vision with national, regional and sector themes, priorities, and implementation plans
  • A champion that encourages the development of oceans science and technology proposals for national initiatives such as:
    • An oceans science and technology strategy document which identifies priority technologies to aid the implementation of the OAP
    • Innovative Oceans Action Plan II proposals
  • the development of cross-Canada teams, consortia, and partnerships that will increase exports

Expected Outcomes:

The Oceans Science and Technology Partnership will develop a national vision, and present a national voice for the ocean technology community. Knowledge-sharing will advance sustainable economic development which, in turn, will enhance the growth of the ocean technology industry. Networking is key, hence the OSTP that meets the needs, and fosters the competitiveness of ocean science and technology industries.