The Ocean Science _ Technology Partnership was officially established during Ocean Innovation 2005 in Rimouski, QC on October 26, 2005. The OSTP welcomes membership applications from industry associations, cluster groups, or NGOs with a specific interest in Canadian ocean science and technology. If your organization is interested in joining the OSTP, please contact [email protected].

The seven founding members of the OSTP are:
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OceansAdvance Inc. - St. John's, NL

Email: [email protected]


Oceans Advance is a multi-stakeholder innovation cluster initiative aimed at making the St. John's region an international location of choice for ocean technology. Driven by the private sector, this ocean technology cluster is a partnership between business, research and development institutions, academia, and government. Since its inception in 2001, the initiative has brought together key entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, and government stakeholders from Newfoundland and Labrador's and Canada’s ocean technology community. Oceans Advance has been given a mandate to build research and development capacity and to enhance international export and business opportunities.

One of the National Research Council of Canada’s national technology clustering initiatives, Oceans Advance is facilitating community integration under the vision of making the St. John's region an international location of choice in ocean technology. The world ocean sector is estimated to be worth more than CDN $1.5 trillion annually and the St. John's region has a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of this large international market.

Newfoundland and Labrador’s historical and cultural attachment to the sea, strategic geographic location in the North Atlantic, and the fact that over 90% of its population lives near the sea, make an ocean technology cluster a natural development. For the last several decades federal and provincial governments have targeted the St. John's area for investment in R_D infrastructure, academic and technical expertise has expanded, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit has flourished. All of these factors have helped shape the ocean technology sector and positioned it for a new level of global competitiveness.

To further expand on this momentum, Oceans Advance is helping to facilitate industry collaboration that will allow like-minded firms - even competitors - to form alliances and combine capabilities to accomplish business objectives. Oceans Advance assists with networking, identifying business and investment opportunities, and branding of the cluster world-wide.

Catherine Hogan
Administrative Officer
Institute for Ocean Technology
Arctic Avenue, Memorial Campus
Box 12093
St. John's, NL A1B 3T5
Tel: (709) 738-7059
Fax: (709) 772-5067
[email protected]
CCMC - St. John's, NL

Email: [email protected]


The Canadian Centre for Marine Communications (CCMC) is dedicated to the technical and commercial development of marine products and services using advanced communications, navigation and information technology in co-operation with industry and government.

CCMC was established in St. Johns, Newfoundland in 1989. Its mandate is to assist Canadian industry in the development of products and services using advanced marine communications, navigation and information technology and to establish strategic partnerships between industry, research centres, academia and government. Canadian companies and organizations direct CCMC and support it through membership.

CCMC assists its industrial partners in the development of new products and services for national and international markets. The commercial success of the partners is the ultimate objective.

CCMC operates several core program areas, including: SmartBay, Ocean Innovation Conference _ Exhibition, The Journal of Ocean Technology, InfoMarine, and SeaComm.

Ronald Newhook
President _ Chief Executive Officer
P.O. Box 8454
A1B 3N9
Phone: 709-579-4872
Fax: 709-579-0495
Email: [email protected]
ADIANS Ocean Technology Council - Halifax, NS

Email: [email protected]


The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia (ADIANS) was incorporated in 1995 to assist in the pursuit of aerospace and defence industry growth and development opportunities. ADIANS supports a growing and diversified aerospace and defence industry base, employing approximately 6,000 skilled and experienced workers, generating approximately $600 Million in revenues, and operating in both the defence and commercial markets.

The Ocean Technology Council was formed to bring together the significant presence of companies in Nova Scotia with specialized capability and application in ocean technology. The Council seeks to increase awareness of ocean technology, advocate for its consideration in issues of public policy, and promote business primarily through export development.

Jim King
Chair (interim)
[email protected]
Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee (ACZISC) - Halifax, NS

Email: [email protected]


The Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee (ACZISC) was established in 1992 to promote regional cooperation in Atlantic Canada with regards to coastal mapping, geomatics and integrated coastal and ocean management. ACZISC members represent agencies with coastal and marine responsibilities in Atlantic Canada. Membership is multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral and currently includes representatives from the four Atlantic Provinces, eight federal departments and agencies, community organizations, NGOs, the private sector and academia.

In 2003, the ACZISC established a separate group, the ACZISC Association, to act as the legal entity for the ACZISC. The Association is registered as a not-for-profit organization under the Nova Scotia Societies Act.

The ACZISC Secretariat is staffed by the Director, a Project Officer and a Finance Officer. The funds required to operate the Secretariat are provided by members and project revenue.

An ACZISC Workplan is prepared annually by the ACZISC Secretariat and members. Working Groups are established to assist the Secretariat with the delivery of specific activities identified in the Workplan.

ACZISC meetings are held three times per year in the Atlantic provincial capitals by rotation.

Michael Butler, Director
ACZISC Secretariat
Dalhousie University
1226 LeMarchant Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 3P7
Tel 902-494-1977
Fax 902-494-1334
Ocean Technology and Geomatics Working Group, Ocean Management Research Network (OMRN) - Halifax, NS

Email: [email protected]


The Ocean Management Research Network (OMRN) consists of over 500 researchers from academia, government, and the private sector. Its aim is to create and share knowledge for the application of critical thinking and best practices to oceans management in Canada. OMRN is interdisciplinary, with an initial focus on social science, providing a forum for researchers, managers, and policy makers to evaluate timely and innovative linkages, integrate lessons learned, transfer and share knowledge, and help create an expert core of ocean researchers. The OMRN facilitates value-added research, provides seed funding, and seeks to establish a long-term research agenda.


Daniel E. Lane, Director
Phone: 613-562-5800 (ext 4795)
Fax: 613-562-5166
Email: [email protected]

OMRN Secretariat
Phone: 902-420-5010
Fax: 902-491-8663
Email: [email protected]
Technopole maritime du Quebec (TMQ) - Rimouski, QC

Email: [email protected]


Technopole maritime du Québec (TMQ)’s mission is to create a stimulating environment for the sustainable development of oceans sciences and technologies in Quebec's coastal regions and to ensure these regions become key players at the national and international level. As an organization that works closely with partners making up the Québec maritime network, TMQ plays a leading role in developing the territory by building bridges between researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators and experts to convert marine know-how into high added value products, goods and services.

With its partners, TMQ works to increase the activity levels of maritime research centres in order to find solutions for technological problems facing the maritime industry, train highly qualified employees, and foster business growth and competitiveness, while supporting the creation of long-term quality jobs.

Ms. Maryse Langevin, Executive Director
125 Évêché St. West
Suite 203
Rimouski, Québec
G5L 4H4
Email: [email protected]
COIN Pacific - Victoria, BC